Can Children See Auras?

Children have a unique perspective on the world around them, often perceiving things that adults may overlook. One intriguing phenomenon that has been reported by many parents and caregivers is the ability of some children to see auras. Auras are believed to be colorful energy fields that surround living beings, and some children claim to see these auras as vibrant colors or light surrounding people, animals, and even plants. This blog post will explore the topic of whether children can truly see auras, what the possible explanations may be, and how caregivers can support and understand these experiences.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some children can see auras: Some children possess the ability to see auras, which are colorful energy fields surrounding a person’s body.
  • Indigo children are often associated with aura seeing: Indigo children, who are believed to possess special traits and abilities, are often said to have the ability to see auras.
  • Nurturing this ability is important: It is crucial to nurture and support children who can see auras, helping them understand and utilize their gift in a positive and empowering way.

The Concept of Auras

You may have come across the intriguing question – Can babies see auras? This question often leads to a deeper exploration of the mystical concept of auras and its perception by individuals. If you are interested in the topic of auras and how they are perceived, you might want to read more about it here.

Historical Perspectives on Auras

Perspectives on auras have a long history, deeply rooted in various cultures and spiritual traditions. Ancient texts and teachings from different civilizations talk about the existence of auras and how they reflect the spiritual and energetic state of an individual.

Modern Interpretations

Any discussion on auras in modern times is often intertwined with New Age beliefs, alternative healing practices, and holistic approaches to well-being. The concept of auras has evolved to encompass not just the spiritual and energetic aspects but also psychological, emotional, and physical elements of an individual’s being.

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Auras can be seen as a manifestation of the subtle energies that surround living beings, revealing insights into their overall well-being and vibrational frequency. Some individuals claim to see auras as colored fields of light around a person, reflecting their mood, health, and spiritual state.

Child Perception and Extrasensory Abilities

Development of Sensory Perception in Children

For children, the development of sensory perception is a fascinating journey. As they grow and learn about the world around them, their senses become more refined and sensitive. This heightened sensitivity can sometimes lead to the perception of things beyond the ordinary physical realm, such as auras.

Accounts of Aura Perception in Childhood

One of the most intriguing aspects of childhood is the openness to the unseen and the unknown. Many children have reported seeing colorful auras around people and objects, describing them as waves of energy or light surrounding the physical body. These accounts raise questions about the nature of perception and the possibility of extrasensory abilities in children.

Accounts of children perceiving auras are not uncommon, with many parents and caregivers sharing stories of their young ones talking about seeing colors around people or intuitively sensing others’ emotions through these vibrant energy fields. While skepticism may prevail, these anecdotes provide insights into the mysterious world of children’s perception and their potential sensitivity to subtle energies.

Scientific Examination of Aura Perception

Research on Aura Perception

With the advancement of technology and research in the field of parapsychology, scientists have attempted to study the phenomenon of aura perception. Several studies have been conducted to explore whether individuals, especially children, can perceive auras around living beings. These studies often involve controlled experiments and the use of specialized equipment to detect and analyze the electromagnetic fields that some believe represent auras.

The Debate Over the Existence of Auras

With the topic of auras being a controversial subject in scientific and metaphysical circles, the debate over their existence continues to divide opinions. Skeptics argue that auras are merely a product of imagination or wishful thinking, while proponents of aura perception claim that it is a legitimate phenomenon that can be observed and measured under the right conditions.

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It is important to note that while some studies have suggested a correlation between certain electromagnetic fields and the perception of auras, the scientific community remains divided on the validity of these findings. More research and conclusive evidence are needed to definitively prove or disprove the existence of auras.

Enhancing Aura Perception

Techniques for Observing Auras

One of the techniques for observing auras is to practice softening your gaze. Instead of focusing directly on a person, try looking slightly past them. This can help you perceive the subtle energy field that surrounds them. Another technique is to utilize natural light sources, such as sunlight or candlelight, to enhance your aura perception. These light sources can make it easier to see the colors and patterns in a person’s aura.

Encouraging Children’s Sensory Awareness

Encouraging children’s sensory awareness is imperative for developing their ability to see auras. One way to do this is by engaging their senses through activities that stimulate their intuition, such as nature walks, meditation, or art therapy. Encouraging children to trust their instincts and pay attention to subtle cues in their environment can also enhance their sensory awareness and ultimately their aura perception.

Techniques such as guided visualizations or sensory games can help children tap into their intuitive abilities and become more attuned to the energy fields surrounding them. By creating a supportive and nurturing environment for children to explore their senses, parents and caregivers can play a crucial role in enhancing their aura perception skills.

Summing up

The ability of children to see auras remains a subject of curiosity and debate. While some believe that children are more attuned to spiritual energies and may possess the ability to see auras, scientific evidence to support this claim is lacking. It is crucial to consider various factors that may influence a child’s perception, such as imagination, creativity, and the influence of adults. Whether or not children can see auras, it is crucial to approach such phenomena with an open mind and a critical eye to separate fact from fiction.


Q: Can children see auras?

A: Yes, children are often more attuned to seeing auras than adults. Their intuitive and imaginative nature allows them to perceive subtle energies more easily.

Q: At what age can children start seeing auras?

A: Children can begin seeing auras as early as infancy, but most commonly, this ability manifests between the ages of 5 and 7 when their cognitive and sensory development is more advanced.

Q: How can parents support children who see auras?

A: Parents can support children who see auras by validating their experiences, providing a safe space for them to discuss what they see, and helping them understand and develop their intuitive abilities in a healthy way.

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